Embracing the artist in me



Today I am creating this blog to celebrate life – my life and those I love and those that find their way here.  I’ve been kicking around the idea for a few weeks and today is the day for this new chapter in my life.

In my emails this morning, I was notified that four of my photographs were selected to be displayed at the Suffolk Art Gallery in January!  I cried, notified everyone I knew and felt humbled that my husband had stumbled upon the news of the organized photo-walk that started this whole thing!  

Let me share that I am an amateur photographer that has had a snap happy addiction to capturing important and everyday memories since I was a teen (many, many moons ago).  I only recently got a D-SLR after becoming a grandmother and never got around to taking the classes that I thought I’d need.  Instead I’m learning things online and I go out and put the lessons to use!  

This also happens to be a year of great transition for me – I’ve moved twice, gained 25 pounds and oh yeah my younger twin son has joined the Army (taking his wife and my 22 month old grandson with him).  God bless them and please keep him safe is all I can say – I’m an overprotective mom and I will miss them but he’s gotta pursue his dreams.

So that’s a little bit about me – I want to celebrate my life visually with the goal of understanding myself more, becoming a better person and connecting with like-minded people.  Welcome!


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