Celebrating an artist’s flair

I’d like to introduce you to my sister Brenda.  She’s amazing!  She is a talented artist in so many ways – painting, quilting, cooking, decorating, gardening, playing music (piano, fiddle and guitar by ear!) and she’s getting into photography.  She is a wonderful granny and mother – plus she’s an awesome sister!

I visited with Bren on 12.12.12 and captured the beauty of her Christmas décor.  She has a Craftsman style home and when you walk into her foyer you immediately are welcomed with its sunny yellow paint and the display of chintz teapots she started collecting.  The Christmas tree sits in the corner of the living room next to the French doors that lead you into the dining room.  It’s the little details like some of her bird collection on the mantle along with Christmas greenery or the beautiful flower arrangements in her dining room.  Each doorway is festive as well with garlands hung with bows that she makes herself.   Everyone asks Bren to tie their bowsJ

Her tree is festive with its poinsettia flowers, birds and ornaments.  She really knows how to deck the halls!

She is holding her sweet puppy Twinkie Lola Folana (ok I added the Lola Folana part) in the photo below.


One thought on “Celebrating an artist’s flair

  1. Thanks a Million, Sher! I feel like a celebrity, LOL! You made my home interior look almost like a magazine spread! My photographer-for-House Beautiful-in-waiting sister, of whom I’m so very proud. ❤


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