My one little word for 2013

Ali Edwards started this tradition several years ago.  I’ve only chosen a word once before – Wisdom – there were so many things going on in my family so that word was called on a lot that year.

After much thinking, I have chosen my word for 2013 –

Focus/focus/FoCuS /FOCUS –

This word is appropriate for me in so many ways.

  • It’s an obvious term for photography and I know the camera does most of the work (auto-focus) but I have to focus on what’s important for me to photograph and what I want to accomplish with my gift.
  • Focus on the details of my work by not getting in a dither – I swear I have ADD and it’s gotten worse the last few years (can we say hormones!)
  • My personal life – the last few years have been about changes.  2013 will hopefully see me focusing on adapting to these changes.

Here is a fine-tuned goal setting mission statement for my wordJ.  This is what I want to accomplish in 2013:

  1. To focus on being a better person
  2. To focus on better health and fitness
  3. To focus on my relationships
  4. To focus on my skills as a photographer
  5. To focus on what I want to accomplish as a photographer

But today I am going to sit back and enjoy looking at our Christmas tree without my glasses on because sometimes things look dreamy when they are blurred.

Now tell me, do you have a word chosen for 2013?  Please share.


2 thoughts on “My one little word for 2013

  1. I have several, if that’s not cheating! Self-denial is the first one…I like sweets WAY TOO MUCH, and pictures of me are reflecting this in a not-so-great way. De-Stressing is another, for obvious reasons…good health has no price tag. And, learning to savor the good moments, big and small. Again, priceless. I like your focus theme, Sher, and I shall borrow it for myself. Peace and Love.


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