Have’s vs. Have Nots

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!

I’m happy to report that I did although this Christmas was different because Ray and I stayed home yesterday.  That’s right for the first time ever we were home and didn’t host our family and it wasn’t because of sickness.  So we were home alone just the two of us.  It was ok that way.

We celebrated with Ray’s parents on the 23rd and my Mom and two of my sisters and brother-in-law on Christmas Eve.  My son Brandon was flying back here from Texas yesterday and his brother Jeremy was going to pick him up last night.  All of that added up to our quiet day.

Several times yesterday I sat here feeling a little blue about not seeing my boys (I can hear Elvis in my head, thank you very much!) but then I would stop and think about those loved ones I was lucky enough to spend time with over the last few days.

I’m blessed to have a large family.  In fact, this was the first Christmas that the entire family didn’t congregate together because we are so large.

I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with the family members I did get to see.  Click here to see all the photos taken during the last 3 days.


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