Saying Goodbye to Eggnog (until next year)

Oh, how I love thee rich creamy eggnog.  My taste buds dance in delight as I sip you


Ok, I can’t continue to wax poetic.  But the simple truth is I LOVE EGGNOG.  I like it natural not liquored up.  It doesn’t really love me though.  I mean really, how can this rich, creamy, vanilla infused, calorie-laden drink be good for me?  It’s not.  But it’s okay in moderation and it’s only available for a short period of time each year.  Shocking that we only bought one carton this holiday!

But you know what I’m gearing up for New Year’s Resolutions Lifestyle Changes which include better food choices and exercise.  So it’s time to let eggnog go.  The measuring tape and scale are coming back out tomorrow.  The treadmill will soon feel the thud of my footsteps as soon as my back’s back, lol.

Notice the cool bokeh effect Christmas tree lights behind the glass.  I’m loving my new 50 mm f1.8 lens my Ray gave me for Christmas.


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