Celebrate the Rite of Passage – Manhood

Today my youngest son is reporting to the local Army base for Basic Training.  He enlisted in the early summer.  I am proud of him for wanting to serve his country.

I’ve always been proud of Brandon.  He has a good heart.  He has traditional principles and he’s a hard worker.  He got married at 21 and he and his wife made me a grandma a year later.  I’ve worried about the path he’s chosen because of his age, the economy and did I say his age??

I’m a worrier.  I’m over-protective.  I’m his mother.  I’ve been a sounding board for him and have always given him my opinion with the best of intentions for him to have the information to make the best choice.

I will even admit I tried to talk him out of joining the military.  I mean, they would have to move and take my grandson with them.  I think all grandmothers can understand.  It’s taken me half the year to just deal with his decision.  The bottom line is I want him to be happy.  Safe but happy.

I can still see that little boy looking up at me sometimes when I look up into his eyes.


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