2013 Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge – Book Review

Thanks to my new blogger friend jadechristyn for telling me about the 2013 Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge!  I’m going to commit to reading at least 12 free download books this year and post reviews of them.  Here is my first:

Book Review – The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst 

Let me start by saying I have never written a book review before. This was a freebie offered by Amazon for Kindle recently so I gave it a try. I have noticed a few things about freebie books so far (not just this one) there are a few misspelled words and flow problems.

The story line was good overall. The main character finds out that her husband is having an affair and decides to leave him. She just inherited her grandmother’s Inn located on an island off of Washington so she heads there. She finds out what a jerk her husband is as they start the divorce. But to balance the bad she has wonderful neighbors and she makes friends easily with a cafe owner. She is soon attracted to a man that lives next door. She discovers ways to make a living on the island and she finally commits to opening the Inn.

A few things were unnecessary to the storyline – a threatening letter telling her the house wasn’t really hers and a couple of visits by her husband. I was confused a few times when things seemed out of the time line of the story like she just made dinner and a few paragraphs later she was making lunch (it was the same day).

This is the first book of a trilogy. I just didn’t love it enough to want to continue reading them all.


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