Week 1 Card for the new recruit

A card for a Private.  A card for a man.  A card for my son.

One card for these 3 aspects of Brandon.

Brandon began his new adventure on January 2nd going into the Army’s basic training.  I’m determined to support him and be upbeat about it.  Brandon and I have always been close.  We usually speak by phone 3 or more times a week but that has changed.  Obviously.

Part of my Celebrate Life purpose is to share my card making.  A few months ago I decided to focus more on stamping handmade cards instead of obsessing about scrapbooking since I take bazillions of pictures  and that made more sense to me.

I also asked family and friends to join me in a “snail-mail club” and we do a monthly greeting card to each other.  After all, emails are great but a little card in the mailbox just brightens my day – don’t you agree?

My cards are simple.  I’m no Jennifer McGuire here folks!

As I worked on his card yesterday, I told Ray that masculine cards are more challenging for me.  Ray recommended I just make a “normal” card for Brandon.  I started laughing when I thought about his troop giving him a hard time over a mushy flowery card from his mother and I said “No Way!”



Some star spangled paper seemed appropriate – a chipboard star was in my stash that I stamped with white ink and put red glitter glue on it (this got smudged later but I loved the look) and the chipboard letters spelling PROUD rounded out the design.  Simple but I think he will like it.


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