Celebrating my first exhibition

Breathe in, breathe out…

Today is an amazing, special day for me!  Four of my photographs were chosen for an exhibition at The Suffolk Art Gallery.  (swallow, gulp)  Yes, I’m an exhibitionist. (big smile)

Backstory:  A couple of months ago, my husband shared a newspaper article with me about a local photo walk scheduled for the next day.  I was immediately excited about the thought but I would not commit to going until that morning because I have commitment issues (smile).

It was a blast!  There were maybe 30 photogs out in the cold morning temps choosing between 3 routes to tour downtown Suffolk.  I smiled the whole time while I focused on a lot of abstract shots, some architectural shots, a few people shots and lastly some landscape shots.  I took about 150 pictures that day.

Out of those I had to submit my best 8 – two for each category.  I only submitted 5.  I had a mental block for choosing the last 3.  But 4 out of 5 were selected for the gallery where they will be on display for almost 3 weeks.  (gulp)

I’ve been having some panic attacks this week worrying over crazy details.  Will the photos still be in the frame correctly or did the adhesive let go?  Will I overhear people criticizing my work?  (gulp)  I’m not nervous, not really (smile)

Today there is a reception and they will be selecting winners and runners up for each category.  I don’t think I have a chance but I secretly hope to be surprised, of course!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone wants to buy my photographs!  (gulp)

It’s a big day…

Here are some photos from the night we dropped the photos off:

Exhibition2 Abstracts






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