My First Ribbon – Honorable Mention

I am very thankful that my Mom, my sister Brenda and my son Jeremy came to support me for my first gallery display.  As my husband and I started our group tour of the photo displays, they snapped pictures of me with my favorite photo.  Then I took the next photos of my 2nd and 3rd entries.  We went around a wall and there it was – my last submission  AND THERE WAS A RIBBON NEXT TO IT!  It said Honorable Mention.  That was enough for me.  My first time.  WOW!

I burst out crying because I am an emotional person and hugged everyone while I tried to process that I had won an award.  There were so many beautiful, interesting photographs there and I was amazed that I had one something.  I can’t begin to describe how the rest of the day has been other than great!

I came home to see a blog post that my daughter-in-law Kiesha had posted earlier today.  Pictures of Brandon during his first week of basic training and a sweet pic of my grandson Chance.

I feel like they were here with me today.  Phone calls from my sisters Debbi and Judy, my Dad and an email from Ray’s parents rounded out a lovely weekend of family encouragement.

I love my family.

Pictures of fog to share tomorrow



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