My two unique felines

Spooky loving her toy

Being playful

I have shared some photos of my special kitties here but I haven’t really introduced them.  I found Spooky at a mall pet store back in 1998 (yikes! That long ago!!).  She was an adorable black kitten that was stuck in a cage with several other kittens.  I tried to take my two boys into the pet store each time we came to the mall and we were not shopping for a pet just looking at them. When we came to the kitten cage, all three of us put our fingers in for the kittens to rub against us.  Imagine our surprise when one of the little things took its paw and scooted a piece of kibble out of the food bowl and then took both paws and brought the little morsel to its mouth!  The kitten didn’t drop it either.



I knew right then that I had to have that cat.  She wanted to show us how special she was and we were sold!  I’ve never seen Spooky do that trick again but she used to play fetch and retrieve and even hide and go seek sometimes when she was younger.  Another amazing quality of hers is she has a Nurse Nightingale complex.  Whenever my boys were sick, she would jump up in the bed and check on them frequently.  It melted my heart when she did the same thing for me recently in the first few days of my back trauma.

Belly rub pose

Belly rub pose

Now it’s Buddy’s turn.  In June of 2012, I was going through a lot of emotional distress.  I was spending each week at my Mom’s house and her house was a haven for stray cats.  She had just told me about the newest orange cat that was hanging around but he would not come to her.  It’s really unusual for a cat to not come to my Mom – she’s a cat whisperer, lol.

But the next day I put some food out for the strays and I was startled to see the orange cat coming towards me.  I knew he was hungry but he seemed like he was starved for affection more than for food.  I sat down on Mom’s stoop and that’s how Buddy and I became acquainted.

He is the most affectionate cat much to Spooky’s dismay.  He’s the first cat I’ve ever had that loves to have his belly rubbed!  Whenever I feel down, Bud makes me feel better.



He's shy

He’s shy

So I guess you’ve probably figured it out by now that I’m one of “those people” that adore their pets.  They certainly make my life more enjoyable.


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