Musical Musings

Recently I was on my way to work when I heard Aha’s “Take on Me” playing on the radio.   I loved this song in the 80’s when I was twenty-something riding around in my un-cool car.  Oh the memories!  I even bought their cassette tape, nice!

So what did I do?  I cranked up the volume and started dancing in the car, yes while I was driving.  Wonder what those truckers thought then!  Middle-aged lady fist pumping and shaking her booty while driving…

Now this song also makes me think of…BASEBALL.  Yes, I know you never guessed I was a baseball fan.  GO NATS!  I love to watch a couple games a week on TV and recently my Ray and I went to a Richmond Squirrels game.  FUN.   Guys in baseball uniforms.   Yummy.  Hurry up March.  Oh, I digress.

Other songs that I used to just love back then now make me switch stations.  Then again, I wonder if I’m alone when I share that I associate songs with feelings or events in my life.  I can never listen to Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven because it reminds me of when my son was going through chemo treatments and I didn’t know if he would survive.  Then there’s a Hall and Oates cd that used to comfort me when I was dealing with my divorce and it just makes me sad to listen to it now.

As a mature 40-something woman, I now listen to more Celtic, light jazz or easy adult contemporary tunes but I do love to be surprised with Aha now and then.

Do certain songs trigger memories for you?


2 thoughts on “Musical Musings

  1. Music is probably my best escape route for a bad day. Music has always been my second Love. Country music reminds me of Brandon (: I tear up listening to Wanted by Hunter Hayes or Dancin’ away with my heart by Lady Antebellum. *sigh* ya gotta love music, my day isn’t complete until I hear a little bit of it.


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