The thrill of the clearance tag

I had work near the Kohl’s store so of course I had to stop by since I’m planning on changing my colors in the kitchen (another post about this coming soon).  There was a great sale on The Food Network kitchen items so I grabbed some dishcloths, towels and oven mitts and I headed to the register.

But there is one section of the store that should be off limits to me – the purses.  I mean, how many purses do I need?   But like any addictive personality knows I told myself “NO” and then I steered my way over and looked at the purses in the clearance section!  I don’t allow myself to buy any purses that are regular priced or sales priced only clearance.  That way I don’t go crazy.

So I’m bragging now but look at what I scored today:

A Stone & Company leather purse!

A Stone & Company leather purse!

Can you read this...90% off!  Only $9.99

Can you read this…90% off! Only $9.99


So Ray just shook his head.


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