Card for the new recruit – week 2

If you tend to notice imperfections then you should probably not look at my cards since I do not cut straight (even with a trimmer) or, as seen below, staple evenly, lol.  Somehow, I don’t think Brandon will mind that so much.  My inspiration was the colors of the Seattle Seahawks uniforms which are blue, green and white.  The first attempt didn’t work at all.  I don’t know what I was thinking with the background.  It  just too busy and autumn-like for me.

The reject - took it apart and started over

The reject – took it apart and started over

So, I took it apart and kept the elements that did work for me – the blue decorative label, ribbon and green stamped letters but they needed to POP to be seen.  So I punched out an edged circle and stamped that.  Now it pops:-)  Changing the background paper makes all of the difference in the world.  It’s a keeper – no it’s a sender!

For Brandon - the keeper

For Brandon – the keeper

Wonder if Brandon will think about the Seattle Seahawks when he gets this?  Doubt it.  It’s not like it’s his favorite team (or mine) but it was a great inspiration.  By the time Brandon gets out of basic, I may be a lot better making masculine cards!


3 thoughts on “Card for the new recruit – week 2

  1. I am guessing you should be getting one soon…he asked for his dads address in one of the letters today. And he knows yours because i put it on about 15 envelopes. Keep a look out. If not today definitely Tuesday or Wednesday. If you need a update on him email me. I don’t put everything on my blog I don’t get much time to blog because of little man lol (:


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