La Familia

2 Sisters and a Nice Niece - Debbi, Moni and Me

2 Sisters and a Nice Niece – Debbi, Moni and Me

Family is everything to me.  My sister Debbi called me Saturday evening to share that she and her daughter Monika were in Nags Head, NC for a Wedding Expo and they wanted to stop and see us on their way home.  Ray helped me tidy up the apartment and he went to the grocery store for supplies so I could make them lunch.

It was a shock to realize that we hadn’t seen them since Debbi’s wedding to Wayne last May!  How did that happen!!

Well, we had a wonderful visit filled with wedding plans and catching up with everyone’s busy lives.  Since I will be their wedding photog it was necessary for us to nail down some specifics.  I confess to having been a little nervous (who me?) but Moni is so laid back and she assured me her wedding would be too.

Her June wedding will be here faster than we can imagine.  I want to capture her special day and make her proud!


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    • It’s June 16th. The wedding will be at Kill Devil Hills – will pass on more when I know it. To read my daily ramblings on my blog:

      Kiesha’s blog for updates on Brandon, Kiesha & Chance:



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