So I was uninspired

I woke up way too early yesterday at 5 a.m.   You know it’s early when the sun isn’t even close to getting up.  Ugh.  Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I did what I usually do.  Got in a bad mood.  Ugh again.  It’s bad when I don’t even like my own self.

I drove to work feeling like I could care less and got back home at a very early time.  Nope I didn’t try to take a nap either.  Note to self:  Enough of the self-pity.

I grabbed my camera bag on my way out to the grocery store.  Something would have to be photographed.  It’s not the pressure of blogging.  It’s the pressure to capture images, to feel the camera body in my hands.  Sometimes it’s an everyday passion and I needed it like a drug.

Nothing was inspiring on the way to Food Lion, certainly not in the store – well, to me anyway.  I thought about parking on the side of the road to get action shots of the traffic but it’s way too cold out.  So I drove around the apartment complex and there it was – The Bark Park – with benches inside.

The Bark Park

The Bark Park


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