Starting today!

A few weeks ago, on January 1st, I blogged about my weight-loss goal for this year but I’ve been dragging my feet on getting started.  I’m going to make an excuse here – my back injury has kept me from walking for exercise purposes – I’ve only just started going to the grocery store and cooking more elaborate meals this week.

But now that I’m able to do those things – here I go!  Beginning TODAY!

It was 2 years ago on February 26, 2011 that I started my plan and lost over 25 pounds that year.  I was so obsessed with logging everything.  I weighed daily, listed my food for all 3 meals, logged my exercise time and measured monthly.  Sometimes it was a bit much but now I’m so glad I did this.

Yesterday, I pulled that info up on my computer and printed my daily log info showing meals and weight for each month of 2011.  I get sad each time I look at the log for December 2011 and see where I stopped to “enjoy the holiday.”  Ugh.

But now I have a “road map” and I don’t have to really think about what food choices to make – I can just follow what I did before.

Oh well, it’s a new day and I will appreciate reaching my goal weight more this year than I did two years ago.  Here’s an app I downloaded onto my phone that tracks how many steps I take:

I DO MOVE - free app

I DO MOVE – free app

I’m ashamed at how sore I am from taking 727 steps!  But it ain’t easy losing weight!  Are you with me people?


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