Snail Mail Club – January

A few months ago I asked my family and friends to join me in a monthly card exchange for purely selfish reasons.  I was struggling with depression and thought receiving a card in the mail would lift my spirits, it would force me to get my creative juices flowing again, make me feel connected and give me a purpose.  I’m thankful that some of them have the time and energy to participate.

It’s lovely to receive mail for no other reason than someone cares enough to say Hello the old fashioned way.  I’m sure the Postal Service appreciates the business too, lol.

Here are 3 cards that I mailed for January:

January - snowflakes

January – snowflakes

Cheryl sent me some beautiful acrylic stamps before Christmas and two of them were these beautiful snowflakes.  I used a white embossing ink but didn’t purchase the embossing powder (note to self – buy the powder!) and a white glitter glue to add some highlights.

January - snowwoman

January – snowwoman

For this 2nd card I used a snowwoman die cut and have just realized I mailed this card without her orange carrot nose!  Details – this is why I don’t work in a mind challenging job!!

I won’t put the month on each time but I just got this set of stamps with my Christmas gift cards and HAD to use them!  The same snowflake stamps with a slight twist having one just edge a tag.

Snowflake tags

Snowflake tags



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