The Pub

Normally on a cold day like today, I stay home cozy under my leopard Snuggie watching TV or reading my Kindle but when I got a work assignment that blew that scenario out the window.  Instead I pulled my woolen Irish socks on, a heavy sweater and my cords on then I zipped up my waterproof boots (so glad I bought these recently).

Ray suggested we grab some lunch after I took the real estate pics so we drove downtown.  Since there was an open spot in front of The Baron Pub it seemed meant for us.  We sat at the front windows and it was chilly but the rear of the pub is dark and I was in the mood for light and action seen outside the windows.

Ray enjoyed his Baron burger and I feasted on a grilled chicken salad.  Delicious.  We haven’t eaten out in a few weeks so it felt like a wonderful treat!

Ray and I

Ray and I











The Baron Pub

The Baron Pub


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