A great morning to bake

I have to eat a high protein breakfast every day so that my blood sugar levels stay even.  I have hypoglycemia (the reactive type) and as I get older I’m more and more sensitive to what I eat.  I have to be very careful of the types of sugar I use in my recipes as well as using gluten-free flours.  Luckily I came across the Elana’s Pantry website several years ago and she introduced me to almond flour!  Since the only ingredient is ground almonds it’s high in protein and almonds are good for us!  I buy almond meal at Trader Joe’s instead of the blanched almond flour and it works great for me.

Delicious and good for me!

Delicious and good for me!

Every couple of days I have to bake something for my breakfast cache.  Today I decided on Dark Chocolate Chip Scones (Gluten-free) made with almond flour (recipe from Elana Amsterdam’s Almond Flour Cookbook).  The recipe makes about 8-10 scones and then I store them in a cookie jar in the fridge.  Each morning I zap one of them in the microwave for 20 seconds and sit back and enjoy a warm, chocolate gooey treat.

I wish you could tatste this!

I wish you could tatste this!

Did I mention that I’m also losing weight?!  Yes, amazing.

I  want to add that I enjoy baking when it’s EASY!  I don’t like to have to use a lot of ingredients and that’s why I also love the recipes in this cookbook!  Only 7 ingredients to make these moist, delicious and more importantly good for me scones.  YUMMY!


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