Happy Birthday to my sister Judy!

Judy blowing bubbles at Debbi's & Wayne's wedding

Judy blowing bubbles at Debbi’s & Wayne’s wedding

I don’t often blog twice in one day but today is my sister Judy’s birthday.  So I want to shout out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUDE!  Judy recently moved back home from Denver, Colorado when she found out she was going to have her first grandchild to love.  I was able to share in her excitement and tears at becoming a Nana for the first time.

Jude’s grandson Samson will be celebrating his 1st birthday later this month also.  February is a busy month for our family.  I won’t disclose Judy’s age but she is rockin’ a new milestone with the Big O at the end and she makes growing older seem effortless.

It’s a double blessing to have her back home since Mom was able to move in with her.  My mother is turning 79 next month and has experienced a lot of health problems recently so it was a win-win for Mom and Jude (and all of us).  I will share pictures of our celebration that will be held on Sunday.

So here’s a little youtube video for Jude (just pretend it’s Me, Bren and Debbi singing it to you, I’m wearing the glasses and I’m tall on the video – a girl can pretend!) – click here.


One thought on “Happy Birthday to my sister Judy!

  1. Thank you Sher! This birthday topped them all. Having my family with me to celebrate is the best. I love you and am so glad we have become grandparents at the same time. Love, Jude


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