January Recap

I posted earlier that I don’t normally take photos in January. I only realized this since I recently reorganized my digital files into Years/Months folders.  It wasn’t intentional that I didn’t take them but I think after the busy holiday season and the let-down feeling afterwards it was just easy to not feel inspired.  I’m happy to report that I broke that bad habit this year!  I have 115 photos in my Jan 2013 folder – YAY!

Here are some other accomplishments that I’m happy to have well…accomplished this January:

  • I was inspired to blog everyday
  • I re-arranged my kitchen countertop
  • I read many books on my Kindle (see earlier post)
  • I re-arranged some of my scrapbook supplies
  • Lastly, I FILED.  I waited until the last day of the month but I did it!  I hate filing so this felt like I’d climbed Mt. Evans on foot!  (Mt. Evans in Colorado {smile}.)

This list may seem so trivial to you (I hope not) but this time of year is challenging for me to do anything!  The winter blahs hit me pretty hard and of course it’s obvious that I’m missing my son (in Army basic training), my daughter-in-law Kiesha and my grandson Chance (they are in El Paso with her parents).

I have 2 photo collages to share of the “best” of January 2013 pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

Photography a few faves

Photography a few faves

Favorite family photos

Favorite family photos



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