Celebrating a special birthday today (my blog love letter)

It was 2 years ago that I woke up in the early morning darkness and hurriedly dressed.  I had been invited to meet a very special person that was “scheduled” to arrive that day.  Driving the short distance, I had to constantly lecture myself to not speed on I-95 as it was a common speed-trap.  I had the radio turned on softly and a song brought me to tears.  It didn’t have any sentimental feeling behind it until that day and now I always think of “that morning” whenever I hear this song.

Every moment of that morning is etched in my memory.  I was thrilled when Brandon walked through the door separating the Waiting Room from the Delivery Unit of the hospital.  I was invited to stay with Kiesha and Brandon as the nurse bustled in and out of the room.  When things became more hectic, my daughter-in-law answered my unspoken prayer and said I could stay for the Big Moment.  My heart stopped.  Every moment slowed to a crawl as I waited to meet Him.

It was truly a moving moment as Chance came into this world.  His mother was laughing at something the doctor said and I thought how nice to come into this world with laughter.  I was in awe and captured the moments in my mind.  It wasn’t until later that the nurse commented she couldn’t believe that we weren’t snapping away with our cameras!  How did she know that’s what I normally do?!

It had to be trains...

It had to be trains…

Chance is 1,962 miles away from here and I miss seeing his adorable face, cutie pie grin, watching him explore and get into things, seeing him reach up for me and most of all getting rare kisses.  I had to get this stuffed toy when I saw his little smile and the book just happened to be at the dollar store when I bought wrapping paper.  I know “Mater” will have a good home with my darling grandson.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST CHANCE!  Love from your Gigi and Poppi

Meet "Mater"

Meet “Mater”

Before wrapping and shipping...

Before wrapping and shipping…

I love him so much!

I love him so much!





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