Introducing my son Jeremy

Since I’ve started this blog my younger son has been highlighted several times but his older twin brother not so much.  As a mother of twins, I’m all about keeping it even.

Jeremy take 1

Jeremy take 1

Jeremy is very laid back.  He’s got the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen.  I love to see him smile but it’s rare to catch his smile on camera.  He’s one of those kids whose mother has bugged the crap out of him to smile at the camera a lot in his life!

He works with his hands and his mind.  He’s been like that ever since he was scooting along as a baby and he would stop and look under things to see how they were made.  He’s a mechanic at a local Chevy dealership.  I’m very proud of him for doing what he loves.

He's giving me that "I only tolerate getting my picture taken" look

He’s giving me that “I only tolerate getting my picture taken” look

It’s funny that he never fails to call me when I’m cooking or eating dinner.  He’s been so supportive by literally helping us move several times in the last few years.  He loves action movies and video games, Camaros and Corvettes.

He has a sly sense of humor, great shoulders to hug and oh, he has such a big heart.  I love this son of mine.

Me and Jeremy

Me and Jeremy



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