Nature – Early Spring/Late Winter

There are times when I have lots of material to blog about and other days not so much.  A recent walk around downtown to lift my spirits has provided several days of posts with interesting photos.  Today I was back to square one and no idea what would be my inspiration.  I have to clarify and share that most of the time I write my post in the afternoon and schedule it to go live the next morning.  That gives me plenty of time to change things if I need to.

Today I had work in Portsmouth and Chesapeake.  The temperature showed a rather reasonable 55 degrees but it was very overcast and windy so it didn’t feel that warm to me.  I suddenly became inspired to pull out my cell phone and started snapping pictures of a really interesting tree that was missing a lot of its bark.

Missing some of his coat - I mean bark

Missing some of his coat – I mean bark

Bark - no bark

Bark – no bark

Then I looked down on the ground and there were these tiny, sweet little purply-blue flowers just beginning to bloom surrounding with happy clover!    As I walked around some bushes there were these reddish-pink flowers blooming!  Spring is teasing me with glimpses of its inspirational beauty.

Wee little flowers

Wee little flowers

Pops of color

Pops of color

Spring really is on its way

Spring really is on its way

Lastly, there is the classic ivy creeping over these brick steps.

Creeping along

Creeping along

I’m so glad that I see beauty all around me.  Enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “Nature – Early Spring/Late Winter

  1. Sher, I’m also so very glad to see the beauty you see all around you. I especially love the “bark, no bark” picture, and the camellia ones are just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing what you see. ❤


    • I wondered what those flowers were called.  Thanks Bren!   To read my daily ramblings on my blog:

      Kiesha’s blog for updates on Brandon, Kiesha & Chance:



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