This one’s for the girls

I have featured the cards that I mail out to my fellow club members but I haven’t showcased their works of art – until now!  Presenting them in alphabetical order:

Teapots card made by Bren

Teapots card made by Bren

My sister Brenda outdid herself with this teapot card.  She has recently started collecting them and I’ve had a collection for over a decade.  She cut the teapots out of fabric!  I thought that was ingenious and the teapots make me smile.   She also has a beautiful handwriting – and she does calligraphy!

Flowers by Cheryl

Flowers by Cheryl

My friend Cheryl hasn’t been crafty in a while so I was thrilled when she agreed to participate.  She’s been having fun buying some scrapbooking supplies and I think I’ve turned her into a stamping fan.  I loved the purple theme and she heat embossed the flowers!

Valentine by Jeanette

Valentine by Jeanette

My mother-in-law Jeanette is very crafty and really made me think when I got this card.  What was the netting from…wait for it – a bag of oranges!  She’s recycling:-D  I loved the texture and originality.

Anything goes – sketches, painting, as long as it’s crafty.  I’m very thankful that these dear friends do this with me monthly.


2 thoughts on “This one’s for the girls

  1. Love the idea! I love the valentine one!

    Check out my blog, it’s a random bunch of odd and ends posts! I’m new to this whole blogging thing and would love some feedback!


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