Not this time

Bang the bongos

Bang the bongos

Yesterday was the big day for the Suffolk Art Gallery – Hampton Roads Photography Exhibition.  I submitted 3 photographs.  We went to the reception and I was blown away by the selected pieces.  Sadly none of mine made the cut.

It was a learning experience for sure.  For starters, I had to value my pieces.  I priced mine at $49.99.  I kid you not.  The director suggested $50.00 so I said yes.  Those that made the cut were priced at $150 to $450.   If I do this again, I will have to remember I’m not selling art at Target and add a hundred to the price.

My support team said they are proud that I entered.  I believed in what I submitted.  But I have a lot to learn and I’m committed to learning it.

I only saw a handful that I would want to hang on my own walls but art is subjective.  I consider myself a rookie and it was obvious that the standard was more like Tiger Woods.


2 thoughts on “Not this time

  1. Sorry none of your were selected but as long as you walk away learning something then it was a success….and yes definetely have to charge Norstrum prices, not target lol


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