Monday’s Musings

LOVE!  Only 9 more days!!

LOVE! Only 9 more days!!

Yesterday, Ray put more screws into the walls to display my latest enlargements – those that didn’t make the exhibition are now gracing the walls of our humble home.  They are in black frames with white matting and I love them.  (see them here)

I feel like the four seasons are represented in our living/dining area with a painting of flowers (Spring), a little girl watering her garden (Summer – thanks Bren for painting it and giving it to moi), a metal art piece of Autumn leaves and now my snow-kissed gumballs taken this Winter.

I hung the photo of Nanny and Chance in the hallway across from our office.  Last but not least, the mooring photo is in our bedroom so I can gaze on it when I’m reading in my favorite chair!

In just a few days, Brenda and Kiesha will be riding to Fort Jackson, SC with me and then Brandon will join us for the ride back home after his graduation ceremony!  Brandon is in for a big surprise when he sees that his wife is with us!  I haven’t seen Brandon or talked with him since the end of December!!!  It will be so good to give him a hug again.  I only wish that my grandson could also be with us too.

This week is full of excitement.


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