Pictures from Brandon’s graduation at Ft. Jackson, SC

First let me say HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY TO YOU!  I don’t know if I have Irish in my blood but I can tell you how lucky I am to have not just one but two amazing sons.  Today is about Son #2 (my nickname for him is Little S#@t appropriately enough)

I had not seen him in 10 long weeks.  He looked bigger, broader, was more confident and yes, he was so handsome.  He’s had 2 promotions already!  He’s a Private 1st Class – amazing!  He loves it.  Go Brandon!

I started to share my sappy feelings but I know that any of you soft-hearted mother’s of adult man-cubs reading this will know what I’m feeling.  I only want him to be safe and happy!


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Brandon’s graduation at Ft. Jackson, SC

  1. Sher, it was such a privilege for me to be with you Thursday to see Brandon graduate from basic training. I am so very proud of him, as I’ve always been, but you need to take your bows, too! Jeremy and Brandon are so very lucky to have you as their mother, and because of you, they have grown into fine young men. Brandon will be a huge asset to our military, and may God keep him safe from harm. Love to all of you ❤


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