Must be love

I’ve already shared that I had a margarita Friday night.  The backstory is that Ray and I went to our local favorite Mexican restaurant at the end of our street.  We had a new waiter and we ordered 1 Jumbo Margarita on the rocks with salt plus 2 waters.  We received 2 Jumbos Margaritas and 2 waters. He obviously didn’t understand English yet.  We could have sent one back but we said what the heck…and we each had one.

Did I mention that I get drunk after a half glass?  I’m a very cheap drunk, people.  So I’m happy and my food is delicious and I’m noticing details in a section that we haven’t been in before.  There is this wreath of chili peppers on a window and I had this bright idea:

Ray Chili Crown

Ray Chili Crown

It would have been better if they had it plugged in but the idea seemed like a good one at the time (remember I’m drunk!)

Ray is an incredibly good sport because he struck this pose back in 2007:

Afro Ray

Afro Ray

I told him the tree foliage would look like an afro.  I wasn’t drunk that day. LOL.

The first picture was taken on my smartphone while I was laughing, blurred and no flash.  Brilliant.  But he really is a sweetheart and a great sport at posing for me.  Here’s a cuter pic:

Nacho Ray

Nacho Ray


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