Winter things that I will miss

I’ve been cheering on the advent of Spring for many weeks now.  Tomorrow is officially Spring because it says so on the calendar no matter what the weather is doing.  It occurs to me that although I haven’t been in love with our cold winter weather this year there will be a few things that I will miss about this season.

I love feeling warm in the winter – that doesn’t mean I love the summer heat, lol.  But I always look forward to the first time I put on socks and warm jammies plus comfortable snuggly throws to cuddle up in and read.

Winter foods – I’m not a big fan of cooking but I love to make homemade soup and cold weather is really the only time I want to make it.  Other foods like chili and mac and cheese aren’t so great to eat when it’s hot outside.

Naked winter trees – I love trees.  I love them year round not just for their autumn beauty.  But there is something majestic about naked trees with their limbs performing modern dance poses.  This year I’m even more excited to see the buds on the trees for obvious reasons.  But they also make the tree limbs look lacey and delicate.

It wasn’t a harsh winter here in eastern Virginia.   I’m saying a fond farewell to this winter season.

In homage I share these winter tree photos taken over the last few winters.

What winter things will you miss the most?


2 thoughts on “Winter things that I will miss

    • I know that you just have constant summer in Florida with just a few days of 50’s or 60’s scattered in to make you feel cold! Maybe next year we can go weekending somewhere cold just for you!


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