March Snail Mail Cards

Here are the three cards I made and mailed out last month.  The inspiration was flowers and I wanted to use chalks.  I also like to make each card unique and I think I did.

I stamped the flower images with Versa Mark ink.  The ink is clear and it grabs the chalk.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to do this technique!

Cheryl's card

Cheryl’s card

Brenda's card

Brenda’s card

Jeanette's card

Jeanette’s card

I don’t have a planned process when I start creating my card images.  I just look thru my supplies, in this case my stamps and then I just go with it.  My only regret is that I decided to chalk grass and blue skies on Jeanette’s card and I used the same blue color that I had used to chalk the highest flower.  Another example that I’m not perfect and that’s ok.



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