A little blurry – let’s call it bokeh

I went to a new eye doctor yesterday to find out how bad these eyes are getting.  Bifocals anyone?  It was 2 years ago since my last examination thanks to our struggles with the economy.

I was so excited to get thru the worst part of the exam – the evil blast of air that checks for glaucoma.  I felt like a panic attack was starting up and I know the lady had to be laughing at me as I kept breathing deeply.  I gripped the table as tightly as I could and “womaned up” for the ordeal.  I was joking with her that it must be a great way to get her aggression out!  “Go ahead, make my day” POOF!  She got me on the first attempt for each eye blast.  She was that good!  Ha ha.

Then I went onto the next phase with the Doctor. He had such a great personality and looked like a mix of Mario Lopez and Harold Ramis from Ghostbusters.  Since I’m a long-time contact lens wearer, he recommended that I wear one contact lens for near-sightedness and one for far-sightedness and I’m trying it out.  I don’t seem to have a problem with being outside but inside I seem to have a problem with the middle distance areas.  My brain has to adjust to this I guess.

The funny thing is my right eye is now seeing far away but I have been using my left eye for my camera’s viewfinder!  I have to re-train myself.  I went outside this afternoon to practice holding my camera to my right eye and it was so nice out. {Here’s a photo of me with my camera in 2011 and was using my right eye then.  Maybe I’ve only been using the left eye since my vision deteriorated.}

profile pic (800x533)

The sun finally came out after lunch and warmer temps are in the forecast.  I was surprised to see more things budding out…


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