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I love purple and I love these sweet little flowers I photographed in April of 2011, some of my first close ups of nature with my new Canon.  I used the little flower icon setting so it was before manual mode {smile}

Working for a temp service can keep you on your toes.  I didn’t report in to the office first thing yesterday because I was catching up on laundry.  But my jobs coordinator called me anyway.  She had a unique job for me with the hours of 2-8 working Monday thru Thursday.  Whoo hoo!  I kind of like different hours.

So I ended up working yesterday and I didn’t have to deal with morning rush hour.  I met some new people and my job involved me registering people for adult education classes.  Fun and different!

Maybe one of these days I will find the perfect fit with me and a job.  It’s happened 2 times before in my past temping days.

I need to “be dazzling” and the job needs to bedazzle me!


4 thoughts on “Bedazzling

  1. I love purple flowers as well. I posted my purple flowers this morning too. But mine are from last year. I also got a new camera, Nikon. It was hard to choose between that and Canon. A lot of people I work with prefer Canon. I don’t know what I was thinking getting a Nikon maybe I thought I would be Annie Leibovitz, not. I enjoy taking photos I like so I’m glad to see someone that just loves to take a photo of pretty things and I love your phlox they are one of my favorites. I’m glad you ended up getting as assignment. Don’t worry about be dazzling you are already bright and shiny. You will bedazzle them with your fun personality. Have a super day!


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