The many forms of ART

I’m working at a vocational tech center that also has adult education classes.  When you enter the school, they have this beautiful collection of welded art pieces that I’m sharing with you today.  These were taken with my smartphone and the peacock seat view is a bit blurry but I’m still sharing it.  Let’s call it a magical blur effect!

These are whimsical and elegant and I’m glad that I’m temping at this place so that I could see and share them.

5 thoughts on “The many forms of ART

  1. Wow I am so excited for you this is Lovely artwork! I love the photos. I have several friends that work at the Vo-tech here and they really like it. They are lucky to have you A fan of great art work And the handy camera To capture their masterpieces! Looks like you are having fun hoping it ends up being a good fit.
    I Was wondering this morning how your day went yesterday Looks like great! Have a Fun day!


    • Thanks Michelle for thinking about me! So far so good:) There were a few moments of super busyness that were a little nerve wracking but I made myself breathe deeply and it all worked out. I told my husband last night that I have been lucky all these years to have been hired 3 times from temp services. So we shall see. Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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