Sherri’s got her school groove back!

I successfully finished my first week at the Adult Education!  Yay me!  I am working in a school!  Whoa, really?!

Let me explain – I felt like a duck out of water in school for the majority of my educational years.  I used all of my absent days allowed every year! It was so bad that I dreaded going back to school for my kids!  I met their teachers and did what was mandatory for moms but oh, I would feel sick going back into school.  I will sheepishly admit to being a little too lenient with their absences too because I understood not wanting to go!  <sigh>

Now here I am.  On my first day (Monday) I physically jumped when the bell rang.  Luckily I was scheduled to come in at the end of the students day so I only heard a few bells before the buses took them away.  But I work in a school building complete with big hallways that always felt so crowded when I was younger, big clocks on the walls, dingy ceiling tiles above and shiny floor tiles below.

Adult Education covers so many courses.  The most important is GED where people can get the equivalent of a high school diploma.  There are people of various ages and all walks of life signing up for their GED!  There is even a 70+ year old woman!  They teach vocational classes like construction jobs, nurse assistant and cosmetology.

I’m happy to be off on Friday!  PLUS they asked me back for next week – and I said yes pretty quickly!


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