The tale of 3 cameras

I don’t know if you have noticed but I use 3 different cameras to post photos here on Celebrate Life.

  1.  I have the “always with me” Smartphone (Samsung Stratosphere).
  2. The Nikon Cool Pix because at my last job, my photos had to be date stamped (dslr’s don’t date stamp but there are programs that will do this – but that wasn’t a practical solution for me)  So I went to Best Buy and purchased the Nikon Cool Pix – name brand didn’t matter but price did.  The Cool Pix is a point and shoot with no viewfinder only the display screen and I can tell you I had a hard time adjusting to that.
  3. My beloved Canon T1i.  I was using a Konika Minolta 6mp before my grandson Chance was born.  It wasn’t a dslr but it was a step up from just a point and shoot.  The one thing it had in common with cameras #1 and #2 is DELAY.  Once you push the shutter the worst thing I can think of is a noticeable delay for the picture to be captured and displayed back to you.  Why?  Because there was time for the subject to move before the image was captured.

Recently I saw my precocious cat Buddy playing in an empty grocery bag that had fallen on the kitchen floor.  I quickly got my Nikon Cool Pix out and totally missed the cute shot of him peeking out of the bag.  I got these instead:

010 (640x480)

Just missed him in the bag!

008 (640x480)

Darn it!

Darn it!

Of course, when I use my Canon and have it on other settings than Auto, I have to really think about my settings.  I wanted to take a picture of Ray for my post on his birthday.  It was late and since I was tired, I had trouble remembering how to set up the camera including {drumroll} turning the attached flash on!  Then I realized I needed to change the White Balance setting – what a difference that makes…

Incorrect white balance - ugh!

Incorrect white balance – ugh!

After - correct white balance and the flash worked:)

After – correct white balance and the flash worked:)

But I find it fascinating to figure out the settings for those magical pictures…I’m still learning but I love it when this happens:

Taken at 60 mph! (a little blurred but I love it)

Taken at 60 mph! (a little blurred but I love it)

Taken at 60 mph (more in focus)

Taken at 60 mph (more in focus)

These were taken as I sat the passenger seat of our car as Ray drove 60 mph!  I love “drive-by shooting time” whenever we go on car journeys!  I set the Canon to Tv (shutter mode) at 1/400th, AI Servo focus mode.  One is a little blurry but I love it!

As I recently mentioned to one of my new blogger friends, I don’t believe one brand of camera is better than another.  I believe it’s the passion that we bring to our photography that matters!


3 thoughts on “The tale of 3 cameras

  1. Ah the joys of settings, all those different options to chose from! Really enjoying your blog. If you are forced to use the point & shoot or a camera phone try leaving the setting to burst mode, this will take a rapid burst of images, thus increasing your chances of a great shot. Its a life saver when you really want to get capture that special shot.


    • Thanks Ed for the tip. I will confess that I thought the camera and point & shoot were on action/sports mode. But I may have dreamed that since I’ve checked and that wasn’t the case. I will give that a try:) But they will never take the place of my dslr in my heart, lol.

      I’m looking forward to exploring more of your blog as well. I will get to feel like I’m in Ireland and will hope to make that a reality soon.


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