Enchanted journey

We began our journey one rainy morning.  We were driving west to the fairy land of Jetersville.  We have been there many times but the road was a bit confusing that day so we stopped and asked this tree for directions…



As with all things magical, the tree confused us more than helped us at first but it finally pointed us in the right direction!

046 (800x509)

We were shocked and saddened to pass this castle ruin along our way?  What army laid siege and then destroyed what had been a magnificent fortress?

Back to reality…

Did you know that there are ruins in Dinwiddie?  I had to photograph this battered silo that is missing its top because it makes me think of castle ruins in Scotland, a country that I’d love to visit someday.  One day I will walk on the moors and smell the gorgeous purple heather and see the sheep frolic but until then I simply pretend.  Yes, one day we will go AND WE WILL WEAR KILTS!

These enchanted shots were taken on a recent day trip to visit Ray’s parents in Jetersville.


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