6 Week Commitment

Today I am determined.  Today I have started a 6 week plan eliminating carbs and more importantly – sugar!  All forms of sugar must go.

032 (800x533)

I’ve been miserable lately in mind, body and spirit.  My weight gain weighs on me {sorry for the pun}.  I don’t know why it didn’t matter to me a few weeks ago as much as it does now.  The obvious factor is that I’m working outside of the house with other people.  I have very few clothes to wear and they are not flattering.  I want to look good when I go out.  I want to feel good about myself.

034 (533x800)

If you were reading my blog on January 1st, it was filled with the same determination but it didn’t last.  My tried and true plan didn’t give me the same results at first and I simply gave up.  I tried once again but failed again.  I realize now that the difference this year was that I was still eating sugar.

036 (800x524)

I’ve been reading The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.  No sugar of any kind for six weeks – scares the s*#@ out of me.  So I’m going to do it.  I’m going to reset my metabolism and I’m fighting to keep diabetes at bay.

035 (800x533)

I won’t blog about this personal goal again until day 42 which is May 30.

Here’s to good health! Goodbye sugar {at least for 6 weeks}

I hope you don’t mind 4 self portraits.  I just got a remote shutter release and I was practicing with it.  I bought the mini-daffodils today in a little watering can for a bit of cheer while I’m detoxing.


3 thoughts on “6 Week Commitment

  1. Nice job on the self portraits! Good luck with the non-sugar weeks ahead. Replace it with fruits and veggies and before you know it sugar will not longer be a desire, in fact it will taste too sweet!…Been there done that.


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