Fields of yellow

It will be ironic if I find my blog “mojo” again since posting that I’m not going to post every day.  That was only yesterday and here I am again – but later in the day.

Ray and I were both off work today.  I got an email from Best Buy and they were having a SALE!  Woo hoo.  I’ve been wanting a zoom lens since I’ve gotten my camera and today it was a really great price so I bought it.  WOO HOO.

So you know what that means – I took pictures.  I had to practice.  I also feel that I should be able to find weekend photo inspiration to blog and not worry so much about it during the week.

On our way back from BB we passed this horse pasture.  The fields were covered in buttercups and I didn’t bring my camera with me!  So we went home, grabbed it with new lens and my husband nicely drove me back there.  I’ve only ridden a horse once but I imagine if I had one that I would name it — BUTTERCUP!

You can click on each one to enlarge.  It was a happy day!

These photos were color enhanced with PS Elements.


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