Celebrating Jeanette’s milestone birthday

Today we celebrated Ray’s mom’s birthday {one day late}.  We invited Jeanette (the birthday girl) and Cliff to meet us at our favorite Q Bbq in Midlothian, Virginia.  We had our favorite meals and then I served them cupcakes to celebrate her big day!

Jeanette was very kind in welcoming me to her family back in 2007.  She has a strong interest in geneology and has scrapbooked a lot of the history of their families.  Thanks to her, we know that Ray has Scottish ancestry and I love imagining him in a kilt and a tam on his head.

Oh sorry bout that…But back to Mama J, she does so many crafts!  She has made several quilts and one of my favorites was cut up circles that she outlined in thread and then pulled them to make little circle poofs.  She knits, crochets and was my first Snail Mail card club member.

She has made me some wonderful gluten-free foods and desserts over the years just by keeping it simple…and they were delicious.

Here’s a few photos of our celebration with her:

Jeanette & Cliff

What a good sport!

What a good sport!



Jeanette with her 2 favorite men

Jeanette with her 2 favorite men

Jeanette's birthday card

Jeanette’s birthday card



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