Celebrating Friends {Snail Mail Cards}

The expression “quality over quantity” certainly applies when I think of my friendship list.  My relationships are near and dear to my heart.

This month hasn’t been a smooth transition for me.  I’ve had to adjust to the new reality of a structured time frame for working.  My organized self has struggled with meal planning.  The weather hasn’t cooperated by bringing a full Spring to us yet.  Ya da ya da…

So it was even more special to me to receive these little happy friendship snippets in the mail this month.  My friends seem buoyed by their creativity and I’m thrilled about that as well.  Ya gotta have friends – makes me think of this song.

Brenna sent me this delightfully colorful card that came on one of my lowest days.  What a wonderful pick-me-up!

from Brenna

from Brenna

Cheryl sent 2 cards this month!  The first card congratulating me on my 1st job placement was so adorable and the second celebrating April.  I love the fact that she added texture to the umbrella with eyelets.

Cheryl Will Work for Shopping!

Will Work for Shopping!

from Cheryl

Great texture!


Jeanette always brings something new and this month was no exception!  She glued a small twig to paper and proceeded to water color around it for a lovely 3-D feel.  Spring like colors that were so soft and dreamy!  She cut a window in the card for a framed look.

from Jeanette

Jeanette’s masterpiece

My sister Brenda will hopefully participate again soon.  She’s had a lot of sickness recently and I can’t wait for her to be creative again.


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