Feline Friday – A Cat Tale for you

Picture this…

A gold star balloon with a long white curling ribbon and an orange and white mischievous cat| Someone (me) untied the balloon for a fun cat toy| A cat bites the balloon’s ribbon and walks into the bedroom| The balloon is dragged into our bedroom by said cat and slips through the door frame| Sigh, no camera in hand| Later, I hear a strange sound coming from our bedroom and out of the corner of my eye, I see the balloon being spun around and around the ceiling fan| Envisioning the fan motor burning out possibly and I run to turn it off at the wall switch| Picture this…Two people circling the fan to unwrap the ribbon while Bud watches us.

Sometimes you have to make do with a memory snapshot so I will.

I also want to send a Big Happy Birthday Wish to my grand-niece Whitney.  Brenda’s grand-daughter is so beautiful, artistically gifted and is a cool diva chick who has great style!  Pink this one’s for you!!!


Bud and the dragonfly

The cats have it made here at Casa Stone.  Ray leaves the balcony door open more often than not for the kitties to enjoy bird watching outside.  Of course, this gives other creatures the opportunity to come in.

Imagine my surprise when a dragonfly flew in and landed on the dining room wall!  I tried to shoo him out and managed to get startled when he flew away.  But he hid for an entire day behind our china cabinet!  Last night I noticed him fly toward the balcony door (which was closed by the way) and landed at the bottom.  I headed that way but Bud got there first.  Oh no!  I yelled at Bud to leave him alone and shooed him away from it.

I carefully picked up the dragonfly and opened the balcony door.  I quickly realized how lucky I was to be holding him so I grabbed my camera to take this picture!  You didn’t think I would forget showing you this, now did you?!

2013-05-28 17.41.43 (800x600)

I placed him on the balcony railing where he fell off into my flower pot.  I left him there and hoped he would be alright since obviously Bud had traumatized him.  Thankfully he was gone today.

I just compared him to the last picture and he looks like the same little guy I captured photographically on the balcony before.  Wonder if he will come back to visit again…

Dinner, a canal and a tugboat

Ray and I had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.  We ate at the Texas Roadhouse and it was so delicious.  We stopped once before dinner at The Great Dismal Swamp Canal for this shot:

Great Dismal Swamp Canal

Great Dismal Swamp Canal

Then on our way home we stopped at the Great Bridge in Chesapeake.  I was very surprised to see a tug boat on the side.  Since we moved here I have wanted to capture a tug and this isn’t exactly how I imagined it but I will happily savor these images:

Tug tied to a barge

Tug tied to a barge

Porthole windows

Porthole windows

Ropes everywhere

Ropes everywhere

Now if I could just tour one...

Now if I could just tour one…

It was a great day!

Bird Feeder

We’ve noticed a few birds going into the exterior vents on the outside of our apartment complex.  It was obvious that the birds have nested in those vents and I’ve often worried over the little things.  Our cats have enjoyed watching the parent birds fly back and forth feeding their young.  Imagine my surprise when I saw two babies with their heads out of the vent waiting for a meal!

I took these from our balcony and am so thankful that my settings were correct to capture this amazing sight!

004edit (800x533) 012edit (534x800) 010edit (534x800) 011edit (534x800) 013 edit (533x800) 005edit (800x533)

Going to get more food.  Ah, parenting…

Taken with my Canon T1i,  55-250 lens, Tv mode 1/250 f 4.0, Iso 400

Celebrating our anniversary!

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary!  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s only been 5 years and other times it feels like we’ve been together always.  We made huge changes in our lives to get to this point.  Family dynamics shifted and changed.  The economy soon crashed on us and we’ve picked up the pieces.  I only wish I could have found him sooner.

The country church where we married

The country church where we married

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stone

The song I played as we drove away was Sting’s Fields of Gold

Feline Friday and update

Sweet talker

Sweet talker

I just love this picture of Bud so I had to add a conversation bubble:)

Dragonfly don't fly away, fly away - do do do do (think Simon & Garfinkle)

Dragonfly don’t fly away, fly away – do do do do (think Simon & Garfinkle)

Can you believe that a dragonfly landed on our balcony and I managed to slide the door open and capture him?  He was resting on the track of the door so that wasn’t an easy feat and he didn’t fly off!  It wasn’t the picture I imagined I’d get of him but I’m glad he came by.

On a personal note, I finished my 2nd temp job assignment and as awful as the 1st assignment had been this one more than made up for it!  It was good for my self-confidence to do this job well and the people that I worked with were great.  Many said they wanted me to stay and I can’t ask for better praise than that.  I didn’t enjoy my high school years but working at a school as an adult was a wonderful experience!

2013-05-23 19.39.33

Monday Musings

I’m sitting here enjoying a guilty pleasure.  I’m watching Match Game, a show from the 70’s, loving the clothes with the big lapels, super-sized eyeglass frames and general cheesy comments.  There just isn’t anything else on worth watching!

I recently changed my phone ringtone to the Mario video game sounds.  I laugh every time I get a phone call.  Although, I am a mature “middle-aged” woman, I am young at heart.  I used to fight the boys when they were little to get my share of the Super Nintendo.  Memories. {smile}

I thought last week was the end of my job assignment at the vocational school but one phone call from the woman that I’ve been filling in for has changed that again!  NOW  This should be the last week and I feel like a kid waiting for summer break.  I’ve been lucky to be off on Fridays with this job and this Friday begins Memorial Day weekend.  That’s right 4 days off (remember I’m young at heart!).  It’s been a great job assignment though on a serious note.

Ray and I decided on a quiet weekend since we’d been very busy for the last 6 weeks.  I finished reading The Hobbit for the first time and quite enjoyed it.  I decided to re-read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy again and I stayed up way too late reading that last night.

What is your guilty pleasure?