Random ramblings and reminiscing

Song for this post is:  Reminiscing by Little River Band.  (click to listen while reading:)

My middle name is Rene’ – I love that little apostrophe at the end of it so much!

My favorite color is PURPLE – took years to make that decision but I’ve been a purple fan since 2000.

I love so many genres of music – Celtic, instrumental, rock, pop, soft jazz, adult contemporary

Favorite instruments – flute, fiddle/violin, cello, guitar – soothing, moody, relaxing, romantic

I played the clarinet in 6th and 7th grades.  I wanted to play the flute but the instrument was assigned by the music teacher.  Looking back my overbite might have had something to do with his recommendation.  I still cringe at the memory of wetting the reed.  Ugh.  *Note to self:  I’m putting the flute on my bucket list!*

I’m not athletic or sporty.  In fact, when I was in 3rd grade and did a wheelie on my bike, I crashed and knocked out my front tooth.  Not good!  I’ve looked at bikes on craigslist but Ray just shakes his head at me.  I mean a cool beach bike to cruise along the road here…but better get a helmet if I do and maybe a mouth guard…this might be a pipe dream.

Has it really been 33 years since I took my typing classes in high school?  My teacher wore a beehive hairdo, cat-eye framed glasses saying repeatedly “Semi, Semi, Semi…” whilst I pressed my right pinkie down in tempo with her.  {I wish you could have heard her prissy voice, lol}

I remember listening to AM radio before FM was FM.  I used to have posters of my favorite music groups and teen magazine pin ups all over my walls.  Pablo Cruise was my first concert (Thanks to sister Deb).  I had such a crush on the piano player.  I had just let go of my Bay City Rollers love. S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT.  I screamed and cried when BCR were on American Bandstand.  I loved Les the lead singer and I was sure we’d marry and live in a castle in Scotland.

We only had 3 or 4 channels on the TV and I had to get up and spin the knob to change channels.  Plus there were rabbit ears on top that had to be moved to get the best reception.  TV had snow during the night and went off the air playing the Star Spangled Banner.

Before I got into General Hospital, I used to come home from school and watch Batman and The Mickey Mouse Club.  M-I-C, see ya real soon, K-E-Y, why because we like you, M-O-U-S-E.

I used to go outside and play kickball and Red Rover with the neighborhood kids.  We didn’t know what video games were back then.

I used to have to put a dime or a quarter on the needle to play my records so they didn’t skip!  I used to take a lot of records back to the Woolworth’s drugstore because they seemed to be warped!  One of my first memories of music was “Rockin’ Robin” by The Jackson 5.  Tweet a leetle leet.  I used to rock out to that classic!

PSE VIntage effects

PSE VIntage effects

Looking back at the 1970’s memories with a current photograph.  If it was a 1970’s photo it would be faded and yellowed with weird markings on the back from being in the magnetic photo albums that weren’t acid free!
Do you have similar memories?


4 thoughts on “Random ramblings and reminiscing

  1. Wow, I’m impressed that you have an old fashion barber shop! I remember all those things…how about party line phones? (I may be a bit older and lived more remote!) or even phones with rotary dials! I remember the first time my son saw a rotary phone, he looked at me with this expression…”what am I suppose to do with this???”


    • My Grandma had a party line and I never figured it out. We could have gotten carpal tunnel from the rotary dials but I never heard of that condition until A.C. (after computers, lol).
      You made me really laugh out loud remembering this too Judy!


  2. Sher, I love the way you write! It’s like going back in time, even though I (thank God!) managed to escape the Bay City Rollers! Mine was Paul Revere and the Raiders! That’s what I get for being almost 12 years older than you!


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