Monday Musings

I’m sitting here enjoying a guilty pleasure.  I’m watching Match Game, a show from the 70’s, loving the clothes with the big lapels, super-sized eyeglass frames and general cheesy comments.  There just isn’t anything else on worth watching!

I recently changed my phone ringtone to the Mario video game sounds.  I laugh every time I get a phone call.  Although, I am a mature “middle-aged” woman, I am young at heart.  I used to fight the boys when they were little to get my share of the Super Nintendo.  Memories. {smile}

I thought last week was the end of my job assignment at the vocational school but one phone call from the woman that I’ve been filling in for has changed that again!  NOW  This should be the last week and I feel like a kid waiting for summer break.  I’ve been lucky to be off on Fridays with this job and this Friday begins Memorial Day weekend.  That’s right 4 days off (remember I’m young at heart!).  It’s been a great job assignment though on a serious note.

Ray and I decided on a quiet weekend since we’d been very busy for the last 6 weeks.  I finished reading The Hobbit for the first time and quite enjoyed it.  I decided to re-read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy again and I stayed up way too late reading that last night.

What is your guilty pleasure?


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