Bud and the dragonfly

The cats have it made here at Casa Stone.  Ray leaves the balcony door open more often than not for the kitties to enjoy bird watching outside.  Of course, this gives other creatures the opportunity to come in.

Imagine my surprise when a dragonfly flew in and landed on the dining room wall!  I tried to shoo him out and managed to get startled when he flew away.  But he hid for an entire day behind our china cabinet!  Last night I noticed him fly toward the balcony door (which was closed by the way) and landed at the bottom.  I headed that way but Bud got there first.  Oh no!  I yelled at Bud to leave him alone and shooed him away from it.

I carefully picked up the dragonfly and opened the balcony door.  I quickly realized how lucky I was to be holding him so I grabbed my camera to take this picture!  You didn’t think I would forget showing you this, now did you?!

2013-05-28 17.41.43 (800x600)

I placed him on the balcony railing where he fell off into my flower pot.  I left him there and hoped he would be alright since obviously Bud had traumatized him.  Thankfully he was gone today.

I just compared him to the last picture and he looks like the same little guy I captured photographically on the balcony before.  Wonder if he will come back to visit again…


2 thoughts on “Bud and the dragonfly

  1. What a cute story I can see that happening to me. I don’t have a cat though but a dog that chases bugs. I am so glad it is gone today! I love that you cared to look this morning! You are tender hearted. Hugs and love to you on this Thrusday!!!


    • Yes, I am tender hearted for any creature except spiders. He can eliminate those from my vicinity anytime he wants too. I’ve just been lucky not to have seen any in a while. Lol.


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