Feline Friday – A Cat Tale for you

Picture this…

A gold star balloon with a long white curling ribbon and an orange and white mischievous cat| Someone (me) untied the balloon for a fun cat toy| A cat bites the balloon’s ribbon and walks into the bedroom| The balloon is dragged into our bedroom by said cat and slips through the door frame| Sigh, no camera in hand| Later, I hear a strange sound coming from our bedroom and out of the corner of my eye, I see the balloon being spun around and around the ceiling fan| Envisioning the fan motor burning out possibly and I run to turn it off at the wall switch| Picture this…Two people circling the fan to unwrap the ribbon while Bud watches us.

Sometimes you have to make do with a memory snapshot so I will.

I also want to send a Big Happy Birthday Wish to my grand-niece Whitney.  Brenda’s grand-daughter is so beautiful, artistically gifted and is a cool diva chick who has great style!  Pink this one’s for you!!!


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