Photographing Brandon

Yesterday, Ray and I picked up Brandon from Ft. Eustis and brought him back to Suffolk.  We were blessed to spend close to 8 hours with him.  Brandon asked for grilled burgers for lunch so Ray cooked for us.  Then we watched Talladega Nights since Brandon mentioned the movie last week.  I had several deep belly laughs that I should have lost a couple of inches {smile}.  It’s an idiotic movie but what can I say, I love Will Ferrell.  Shake and bake!

Since I’ve bugged my boys for so many years pestering them to let me take their photos, I asked very nicely today.  Brandon was sweet in letting me snap away although he was frustrated that I didn’t give him “direction.”  I was really going after a natural vibe so how could I explain that.  There are several expressions and if you notice, Brandon’s birthmark is very visible on his buzzed head.

I said Comtemplative Brandon said  Depressed

I said Comtemplative Brandon said Depressed

Give me a mad face

Give me a mad face

Blurry but he was making me laugh - he's frustrated

Blurry but he was making me laugh – he’s frustrated

He's really funny

He’s really funny

and handsome

and handsome

and sweet

and sweet



Birthmark's a fashion statement.

Birthmark stripe…it’s a fashion statement.

There was a Frog garden statue peeking over his shoulder in the last shot.  I left it…wait until you see the frogs tomorrow:)


4 thoughts on “Photographing Brandon

  1. These are great! He’s as handsome as ever! I’m so glad you guys got to spend some quality time together Saturday.


    • Thanks Bren! I’m glad I was able to spend 8 hours with him yesterday instead of only seeing him for a short while on Friday. You know how much I love my boys and I think they know it too:) Now that he’s in the Army, I have to love him from a far but I don’t love him any less.



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