Snail Mail Club cards received…

Happy July 1st everyone!  June flew by me like a blink of an eye and I’m very, very late in posting these Snail Mail Cards for {gasp} MAY!  As my dear friend Cheryl and I have discussed many times recently, it is harder for me (both of us) to multi-task.  We blame it on those nasty hormonal changes waging war inside of us but that’s not the subject of today’s post…sorry bout that!

Today I’m celebrating my family and friends who take the time to create a little piece of sunshine to brighten my day.  That is how I feel when I realize “I’ve got mail!”  I hope they feel the same way when they receive my snail mail cards.

Without further ado:

Jeanette's card for May

Jeanette’s card for May

Inside of Jeanette's card

Inside of Jeanette’s card

Jeanette is “Johnny on the spot” because she normally sends her card during the first week of the month!  For May, her theme was butterflies.  She always gives me inspirational messages inside.  I love that.

Jeanette's card for June

Jeanette’s card for June

Inside June's card

Inside June’s card

Here is her June card too.  She is always thinking outside the box too.  This card is a giant flower that I believe she cut out of a calendar or sturdy magazine.  She also embellished the inside so I’m sharing that too.

Cheryl's card for May

Cheryl’s card for May

My friend Cheryl sent this pretty card to me for Mother’s Day!  I absolutely LOVE those buttons with the fabric circles behind them!

Brenna's card for May

Brenna’s card for May

Brenna sent me a purple card {my favorite color of course} with a lot of textured edges.  I love the pops of yellow on the card too.

Card from Moni

Card from Moni

Now this card isn’t homemade but I love LOVE purses.  My niece Moni sent this to me after her bridal shower to thank me for hosting the games.  I’m hoping Moni will join the Snail Mail Club when she settles down in her newlywed life.

Thanks to all for taking the time and creative energy to send me some sunshine!


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