Hummingbird don’t fly away, fly away

Yesterday Ray and I went to see his parents in Jetersville, Va.  It’s lovely, hilly country located close to Farmville.  I chose to NOT take my camera gear {gulp}.  As always, when I decide not to take it I will see something that makes me want my Canon.  It’s a perpetual cycle.

Yesterday it was the swarm of hummingbirds that captivated me.  Every summer, Big Daddy Cliff and Mama J have an amazing turn-out of the little sugar junkies that you know by the name of hummingbirds.  I noticed them from the dining room while we were eating lunch.  But later we sat on the porch eating watermelon and they put on quite the show.  My in-laws have 4 or 5 various sized feeders they fill with red-dyed sugar water.  They’ve gone thru 30 pounds of sugar so far this summer!!!

Now tell me have you ever heard a hummingbird?  They have sweet little squeeks but their wings make noise too.  They can sound like light sabers on the Jedi movies from Star Wars.  In fact, they do fight over these feeders!  I can’t guess how many hummingbirds are being fed just at that one farm in Jetersville but they provide a lot of entertainment.

Here’s one I captured with my cell phone – not the best quality but I have something to remember it by – until next time I bring my Canon.




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